Meet Meg Caprio, the proud founder and creative mind behind Meg Me Beautiful!





 My love for the beauty industry started at a very young age. I knew as a little girl, when I used to go with my grandmother to the beauty salon for her weekly blowouts, that I wanted to be that girl behind the chair. I wanted to be that friend that inspired the every day woman to feel beautiful and confident!

I have such a deep appreciation and understanding for color and the gorgeous results that can be created through the process of mixing and blending! A South Florida native turned Atlanta city girl, I have such a broad hair preference. I love creating the look of a gorgeous beach-inspired balayage just as much as a bold city-slicking fashion color!

There wouldn’t be Meg Me Beautiful without makeup! Before I became a hairstylist, I was a self-taught makeup artist. Over the years I was able to turn my little makeup hobby that I only did for friends and family into a true calling. When I’m not behind the chair you can usually find me on location for a wedding or a stylized glam shoot!

With that being said, I have met some amazing and inspiring women on this journey and I have learned so much about myself through each of the relationships I made with my clients and peers! This dream I had as a little girl was made a reality because of you guys! I am so blessed!